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Welcome to Precious Peeks, Windsor Ontario's leading 3D/4D fetal ultrasound clinic

No one got to see your baby's ultrasound? Father didn't get to hear the heartbeat?
Technician didn't explain things? Feel too 'sterile' and unwelcoming?
Didn't find out if you're shopping for pink or blue?

- - - - - - - - - - Forget that! - - - - - - - - - -

All staff here at Precious Peeks are dedicated to helping you ENJOY your pregnancy experience. We provide breathtaking imaging, and ultra high quality keepsake 3D/4D ultrasounds. With different packages available, mother, father, siblings, grandparents and friends can enjoy the experience in our warm, inviting and relaxing ultrasound room, while watching the entire 3D/4D ultrasound session our large HD-LCD screen.

A smile, a wave, a yawn, the hiccups, the sounds of a baby's quick beating heart. Does baby have Grandma's eyes and Mom's nose? Don't miss out on your only chance to capture these precious moments here at Precious Peeks.

All ultrasound sessions are performed by a licensed and experienced technician, for the quality that you expect.

Gift certificates are available, give her what she's been dreaming of... in 3D.

Please Note

Please Note:

Please email us if you have any inquiries or would like to book an appointment at preciouspeeks@outlook.com or leave us a message at 519-250-5553.
Also, please note our hours of operation.

We occasionally experience technical difficulties with our 'Contact Us' form and some emails we do not receive. Please email preciouspeeks@outlook.com (with your name, amount of weeks pregnant, and inquiries) if you do not receive a reponse within 24 hours. Sorry for the inconvenience.

For further details and information, please email the office.

Benefits of elective 3D/4D ultrasound

Although there is no direct medical benefit of receiving an elective 3D ultrasound, there may be many indirect benefits on the individual level, a pregnant woman may have any of the following benefits for herself personally:
- Makes motherhood "more real"
- Better able to visualize the baby
- May help reduce postpartum depression
- Able to share pictures with family and friends
- Keepsake record, pictures for the baby album
- May improve bonding between mother and child
- May help reduce harmful health behaviors (such as smoking/drinking)
- May improve bonding with the father, encourage greater involvement from the father
- Ability to determine the gender, which helps with planning for the baby and helps increase bonding

Because the 3D pictures and 4D videos are more life-like, there is better and stronger bonding between parents, siblings and the baby. Increased bonding has been shown to improve mother's care of herself and therefore of her baby. Also 3D/4D ultrasound increases the sense of social and psychological well-being of the mother and enjoyment of the pregnancy.

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